Leanne Carius

A successful Business Strategist, Mentor and Empowerment Trainer supporting The Corporate Community, Small Business Owners and their teams and Individuals within their Business Environment or Personal Community.

Consulting within Australia and Internationally.

“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” – Golda Meir

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Certainty of Self - Mentoring

"Certainty of thy Self" Mentoring Sessions assist you to work on that which reflects your true potential, removing judgment and finding the curiosity you need to build certainty in your outcomes.
These sessions are about taking ACTION with CLARITY.
"Because I AM I CAN" - becoming exactly what I create - your mantra to SUCCESS.
Sessions range from 1 hour Clarity Sessions and are based thereafter on the speed you wish to find "CERTAINTY IN SUCCESS"



Clarity Catayst Circle.

Clarity Catalyst Circle for women who are working within our Clarity Transformation Program and those women who would love to find more clarity and purpose - leaving the struggle behind.

This clarity can be around your work, home, life, and family.

Join our Facebook page for Circle dates or PM and I will send you the dates coming up.




CIJ - Clarity Cataylst Trainer


Courses and Workshops based on the famed Stanford University Creativiy in Business Course. Simple tools and processes that get you unstuck and discover how to rid the fear of being authentically you

What People Are Saying

I have known Leanne for many many years and in that time she has been an inspiration in her tenacity and business acumen. It is one thing to have a colleague who you share ideas with but another to have one you feel a real connection with. Her CIJ Clarity Cataylst Change is worth considering. Thank you!”

Deanne Scanlan

Destination Designer & Travel Journalist, Deanne Scanlan Travel

“You know when you have found someone who resonates with your soul and has your back when your business starts to flourish and you have complete clarity around your goal, drive and focus.  Thankyou Leanne for the support, the gentle firm encouragement and working through the stages it has taken me to realise my own awesomeness. You are a rare mentor champion. “


Social Media Manager

“Since starting working with you I increased my client base by 70% and we are about to hit my first target income goal all within 6 months of changing my thinking and getting my head in the game.  Cannot wait to reach the rest of my goals with your support.”


Fitness Coach


Do We Still Get to Use the Lifeboat First

Do We Still Get to Use the Lifeboat First

I have been thinking long and hard on what this day means for me in 2019 and I have had some conflict around where we are going as women. Again, I celebrate the movements supporting women in countries that need us to surround them and support them through the...

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Clearing – Ending – Renewal

Clearing – Ending – Renewal

Now I am not wanting to rush the year through or make it go any faster than it has been. I would be happy to move into a new month right now. A do over of April if we had the chance. I have been quiet here of late simply making my way through this month, reflecting on...

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Actually I Can.

Actually I Can.

Wow, we are certainly moving through the new year with January almost under our belt, February is the alternate start of the New Year for me. I am not sure how your year is going so far, if you are anyone like me you have not had a chance to really notice that we...

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